Saturday, 18 December 2010

Work in Progress!

I haven't managed to finish anything recently so I thought that I would post some pictures of what I'm painting or what is ready to be based.

First up - I'm trying out the glazing / juices method used by Cyrial Abati, Nano and Emuse Studio.   I'm not sure I'm patient enough to paint in this way!  I've only finished the belly and top of the right leg. I've nearly finished the left hand lower jacket.  This technique consists of applying a large amount of layers of very diluted paint.  Its actually very easy to do and very forgiving.  The downside is it takes a long time as you need to apply a large amount of layers.  I've enjoyed doing it but I'm not sure I'm going to finish it though. The figure is 54mm.

I've also been inspired by Crac de Chevaliers to try a bit harder when I'm painting in 15mm.  I've been copying his technique for painting Sherman tanks for FOW.  This is one of my efforts.  I've improved what I'm doing since I painted the one in this photo.  If you like this read Crac de Chevaliers' very helpful instructions on Steve Dean's site.  I think that the result below is pretty effective and it was very quick.  If you want to see it done really well - have a look at Crac de Chevaliers site here:

This is what I was doing before.  I used an airbrush and fairly standard modelling techniques.  I quite like the results  but prefer the Crac des Chevaliers method.

I've also been trying to paint with Dips.  I've started doing some Gauls for impetus.  I ended up doing more painting on this figure than I wanted because of the chequered pattern.  I added highlights into the middle of the cheques.

These Franks didn't come out too well in the photos.  But i'm very pleased with the results considering that they were dipped.  I've still got to complete the shields, paint the spears and varnish them.

Finally - so much basing to do.  In addition to the pile of stuff below I've got two entire armies for Disposable Heroes painted by myself and Andrew Taylor.....  problem is I can never make up my mind how to base them.... or rather I do and then change it two weeks later.  Impetus Roman up first....

Then the DBN Napoleonic...

Finally - the painting desk - showing why I am never going to complete any single project...


  1. Great stuff. Who made this awesome fat redcoat if I may ask?

  2. Its by thunderBolt mountain miniatures

  3. Cool stuff Spencer. Having tried something similar before I think the glaze/juices method definitely has potential, but more for display pieces, etc. As you've noted it can take ages and I can't imagine ever doing an army that way. Still, your attempt so far looks much better than mine!

    On the tanks, you're moving from an airbrush to brush-painted tanks, and I seem to be trying to get an airbrush setup going to try the opposite. Go figure ;)